With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the top bridal tailoring services in Ontario. Not only do we provide tailoring services, but we also do custom work that makes every bride look unique, from headpieces, jewelry to belts, unique bouquets, veils, and more.
We are a fashion forward team of perfectionists bringing a fun energy to every appointment to ensure every client has an unforgettable experience! Come check us out for yourselves!

Tanis Emmett - Owner

Tanis Emmett

“Ever since I was a little girl (5 years old to be exact) I always knew I wanted to be in bridal. Starting at the Silver Thimble in Whitby on my very first ‘real’ project at the age of 6, is where my story began. From there I started my internship at 16 at a bridal alterations boutique where I gained real industry knowledge and skills; later graduating in 2009 from Fanshawe College’s Fashion Design program. Today we are humbled to work with many of the fashion schools in the area helping develop and train new talent. Bridal has always been a special field I have been drawn to and a huge part of who I have become today! From helping brides gain confidence or give comfort, share a laugh or making a memorable experience is what is important to our TEWS brand. Each day I wake up with a grateful heart that clients choose our team to make their vision a reality!”

Agata Gilbert - Manager of Alterations

Clarington, Ont.
Degree: Fashion Techniques & Design Diploma (George Brown College)
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Painting

I got married in 2010 and had a sem-Star Wars theme wedding. No, I did not have Princess Leia buns!

Renata - Sewing Specialist

Richmond Hill, Ont.
Degree: Fashion Techniques & Design Diploma (George Brown College), Bachelor of Design at Ryerson (Pending)
Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Sketching

“Fashion has always been an important part of my lifestyle because what better way to feel confident than wearing the perfect dress for that special occasion”

Stephanie Saleh - Client Care Manager

Markham, Ont.
Degree: Fashion Design (Ryerson University) & Bachelor of Design and Communication
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Sewing, Drawing

“My family is so big that our weddings have always been huge. Growing up, it was normal for me to be going to 5 or 6 weddings a year with 5 or 6 hundred people at each wedding!”

Remi - Fitting Specialist

Toronto, Ont.
Degree: Fashion Techniques and Design

“When it was time to catch the bouquet, I stood away from the group of ladies by myself because I usually don’t join (I know that I won’t catch it). On this day, the bride threw the bouquet over the crowd and it hit me directly in the face and landed in my hands. I think it was a sign!”